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Interactive Flat Panel Displays in Automotive Industry – Virtual Showrooms and Much More


Innovation and technology continue to reshape industries worldwide, and the automotive sector is no exception. Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) have emerged as transformative tools, offering futuristic experiences in showroom environments. Let's explore how IFPDs are revolutionizing the automotive industry and enhancing customer interactions.

The Rise of Interactive Panels in Automotive Showrooms


Traditional showroom setups with rows of vehicles are evolving into immersive digital experiences with the introduction of Braevo IFPDs. These displays offer a range of features tailored specifically for the automotive industry, allowing customers to explore vehicles like never before.

Driving Innovation – Key Technical Features of Braevo Interactive Panels in the Automotive Realm

    Ultra High-Resolution Display

    Braevo IFPDs feature 4K ultra-high-resolution screens, providing crystal-clear clarity for showcasing every detail of vehicles. Customers can zoom in, swipe, and explore design elements with precision, offering a near-real experience of the car's aesthetics.

    Multi-Touch Capability


    With multi-touch capability, Braevo IFPDs enable multiple users to interact simultaneously, fostering collaborative experiences for groups exploring car options together.

    Interactive Whiteboard

    IIntegrated interactive whiteboard functionality allows sales representatives to engage with customers dynamically, highlighting features, drawing comparisons between models, and illustrating financing options in real-time.

    Seamless Integration

    Braevo IFPDs seamlessly integrate with existing databases, ensuring that displayed information, including car specifications and pricing, is always up-to-date without manual intervention.


    Built to withstand the rigors of busy showroom environments, Braevo IFPDs are resistant to daily wear and tear, dust, scratches, and smudges, ensuring long-term functionality.

    Gesture Recognition

    Beyond touch responsiveness, Braevo IFPDs detect specific hand gestures, allowing customers to navigate car models, zoom into details, and rotate vehicles for a comprehensive view.

    3D Visualization


    Advanced 3D capabilities offer lifelike representations of vehicles, allowing customers to take virtual tours and inspect cars from every angle, replicating the experience of a physical showroom visit.

    Adaptive Brightness and Color

    Equipped with anti-glare screens and adaptive ambient lighting technology, Braevo IFPDs adjust color calibration and brightness to ensure optimal visibility in varying lighting conditions.

    Customizable User Profiles

    Offering personalized experiences, Braevo IFPDs allow users to create and save individual profiles, storing preferences, past searches, and customized configurations for efficient future interactions.


BRAEVO leads the charge in producing top-notch Interactive Flat Panel Displays tailored for the automotive industry in India. With a deep understanding of the automotive landscape, our IFPDs offer a range of features to enhance the car-buying experience. From UHD resolution to immersive 3D visualizations, BRAEVO's IFPDs set trends and elevate showroom experiences in the digital era. Ready to transform your dealership? Reach out to us today!