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Why is Interactive Flat Panel Display Better than Traditional whiteboard-projector setup?


Whiteboard and short throw projector has gained its popularity globally. Hence, most of the educational institutes invested in interactive boards with the projector setup. However, these days Interactive Flat Panel Display is more preferred digital tool in educational institutes as well as corporate organization.

Detailed understanding of how Interactive Flat Panel Display has an edge over conventional whiteboard-projector setup in all respects.

  • Interactive Flat Panel Display has a sleeker panel, thinner bezel and a premium design, which makes its entire setup neater and clutter-free.
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display’s touch screen is protected by a thick toughened glass which is moderately resistant to vandalism and breakage.
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display supports Full HD/4K resolution which makes playing high definition videos easier. Teachers can use the internet to access multimedia content to support learning in creative and fun filled that will retain in the memory of the students thereby boosting their creativity in analyzing more.
  • Since interactive whiteboards rely on a projector for displaying images, the ambient lighting of the room affects the quality to a great extent. In case of brightly lit rooms, the projectors are unable to display images with optimum contrast and brightness. On the other hand for Interactive Flat Panel Display the ambient lighting of the room doesn’t play any role in determining the quality of image.
  • Interactive Flat Panel has powerful speakers embedded in the front panel for sound output. This feature rules out the necessity in attaching an external sound source.
  • When talking about Interactive Flat Panel Display to an Interactive Board in terms of ease of installation, Interactive Flat Panels are easier to set up. Their less-bulky setup makes the installation easy and quick.

Interactive panels can make your students more engaged by allowing them to interact with the content in a more hands-on way. They can also help students learn more effectively by providing them with visual aids and interactive exercises. I encourage you to update your whiteboard now and take advantage of these benefits.