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Interactive Whiteboards vs. Interactive Panels: A Comprehensive Comparison


In today's modern classrooms, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Interactive whiteboards and interactive panels are two popular solutions that have transformed traditional teaching methods. Let's delve into a detailed comparison to understand which option best suits your classroom needs.

Understanding Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Panels

Interactive whiteboards, often referred to as smart boards, consist of a whiteboard surface paired with a projector. They enable interactive engagement by tracking movements, typically through infrared or DLP technology.

On the other hand, interactive panels are mounted screens similar to TVs, offering touchscreen interaction without the need for a projector. These panels feature high-resolution displays and often come with stylus pens for natural writing experiences.

Comparing Key Aspects

    1. Source:

    Interactive whiteboards rely on projectors for content display, while interactive panels have integrated display screens.

    2. Surface:

    Whiteboard surfaces may suffer from glare and require shades or blinds for clear visibility, whereas interactive panels come with anti-glare glass for optimal viewing.

    3. Pricing:

    Interactive whiteboards are generally more affordable upfront, while interactive panels have advanced components with a longer shelf life, justifying their higher price.

    4. Visibility:

    The high-resolution display of interactive panels offers superior visibility compared to projected images on whiteboards.

    5. Size and Adjustability:

    Interactive whiteboards are fixed in size and height due to projector limitations, whereas interactive panels can be adjusted for optimal viewing.

    6. Energy Usage:

    Interactive panels are optimized for energy efficiency, consuming less power compared to whiteboard projectors.

    7. Maintenance:

    Interactive panels require minimal maintenance due to their closed-unit design, while whiteboards need regular cleaning to prevent dust accumulation and maintain visibility.


    From the above observations, it's evident that interactive panels offer several advantages over interactive whiteboards. With superior visibility, adjustability, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements, interactive panels provide a hassle-free and efficient solution

    While the initial cost of interactive panels may be higher, their longer shelf life and low maintenance justify the investment. Choose BRAEVO's interactive panels to elevate your teaching experience and create engaging learning environments for students. Make the switch to interactive panels and embrace the future of classroom technology with BRAEVO.