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The top features to look for in a digital whiteboard for business


Many factors influence the selection of digital whiteboards for business from screen sizes to product brands, and customer support. Before making any purchases, consumers should review the crucial characteristics of interactive smartboards. With the better features in smartboard, the company can benefit from it so don’t just look for strong and attractive features. Today’s meeting rooms are equipped with the appropriate technology which improves employee contribution, and cooperation, motivates participants and drives employees to put in their best effort. If you’re also looking for professional conference room settings for your business, then consider these features to locate your digital whiteboards. Let’s discuss the top features to look for in a digital whiteboard for business.

Top 7 Features you can look at digital whiteboards:

Whiteboard feature:

The write and erase feature on the smartboard panel is one of the features. Sometimes users may switch to different pen colors or thicknesses easily. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase one or two smart pens in case of buying a digital whiteboard. It gives users a better experience by providing a smooth, intuitive pen that allows users to do whatever with the whiteboard.


Interactive smart boards are eye-catching for people because of their interactive experience and turn passive audiences into active audiences. This feature allows multiple users to write and use the screen simultaneously. This is the best feature for education or smart boards for classrooms where teachers can encourage students to express their ideas by writing, drawing or sketching using the screen. Therefore, in classrooms, students are connected and engaged with these learning approach tools.

Save and share:

The interactive smartboard has a feature that allows you to save and transfer files along with the collaborative digital display. This breaks the conventional whiteboard challenges with the features of importing and exporting files easily. In today’s business, it is very common where clients forward documents to smartboards from their smartphones or other devices. Scanning a QR code or with a wireless connection it is now easy to transfer files and most business or conference rooms may choose these interactive smartboards with these features.

Image editing:

Sharing an image or picture is worth more than sending a thousand words. Thus, interactive smart boards support a wide range of picture formats including PNG, JPEG and GIF. Along with the editing features like rotating, cropping, or improving versions of images to display are available options in the interactive smartboards.


The benefit of using a smartboard is making an active discussion among the participants or in the classroom. While sharing or browsing online, it is easy to gain more ideas or concepts while looking at the sketches, images, text or videos. Projectors for whiteboards in traditional will only be displayed whereas digital whiteboards have a feature to look for data facts, and resources online during conferences or discussions.

Screen sharing:

The feature benefits most of the remote employees to understand, and cooperate with the business via screen sharing. The interactive smart boards support other gadgets including PCs, laptops and smartphones to share content. Screen sharing is possible with both options like wireless and HDMI connection cables. With the advanced smartboards, you can support four devices at the same time.

Video conferencing:

Now people like to communicate with each other without traveling and the best option is to switch to video conferencing. Today most businesses and education like to support video conferences for meeting and teaching purposes. Making it easier for the users to utilize the tools with the options of working or learning via a 4k video conference camera. Some of the popular applications are Zoom and Google Meet.

Benefits of interactive whiteboards for small businesses:

The advantages where you can install the best digital whiteboard for business are,

Without an interactive whiteboard, there will be no conference room in today’s business world. Presentations are an important part of today’s meeting which includes videos with better features like prompt updates.

With smart whiteboards, the brainstorming technique is easily achieved in the business. Through consistent, well-coordinated work, communication, and explanations, your group can generate ideas and visualize them faster than in-person or virtual groups.

Interactive whiteboards are becoming part of remote employment. All you need to prepare the gadgets like the best video conferencing equipment and collaboration tools.

Smartboards provide a better experience with the facilities of touchscreen, cloud connectivity, and app integrations which businesses can benefit from.

Interactive whiteboards require an investment which saves you money in the future. For instance, a single whiteboard replaces multiple dissimilar tools in a meeting or conference room like hardware offers better long-term maintenance and reduces the purchase cost of other expenses.

The above features and benefits may help you understand the significance of using interactive whiteboards in the business. If you’re searching for corporate interactive displays, Benchmark TechnoMate is the best option where you can find your device flexible for your requirements