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Sports Arenas of Tomorrow – Role of Interactive Panels in Stadiums


The realm of sports is evolving rapidly, demanding a fusion of entertainment and technology in modern sports arenas. Interactive Panels (IFPDs) are at the forefront of this transformation, offering unparalleled opportunities to enhance the fan experience. Let's dive into the remarkable features of Braevo Interactive Panels and explore their pivotal role in revolutionizing sports stadiums.

Elevating the Game – Advanced IFPD Features Tailored for the Modern Sports Arena

    1. Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Resolution

    Braevo IFPDs boast 4K UHD resolution, capturing every micro-moment with stunning clarity. From athlete expressions to intricate details on the field, fans are treated to an immersive viewing experience like never before.

    2. Multi-Touch Capability

    With 20-point multi-touch functionality, Braevo IFPDs transform into interactive hubs. Coaches dissect plays, and fans engage in quizzes, fostering collaboration and participation.

    3. High Refresh Rate

    High refresh rates ensure that no rapid movement is missed, capturing every moment with fluidity and clarity, enhancing viewer immersion.

    4. Anti-Glare Technology

    DEquipped with anti-glare technology, Braevo IFPDs combat screen visibility issues, ensuring vibrant and clear content display even in bright stadium environments.

    5. Rugged Build

    Designed to withstand external challenges, Braevo IFPDs feature 8MOHS toughened glass and a rugged build, ensuring durability in the dynamic stadium environment.

    6. Seamless Connectivity

    Braevo IFPDs offer seamless connectivity with multiple devices, enabling dynamic integration for a cohesive digital environment in stadiums.

    7. Interactive Whiteboard Functionality

    Interactive whiteboard functionality allows real-time collaboration for coaches and players, fostering communication and tactical innovation on the spot.

    8. Customizable User Interfaces

    Tailored interfaces display sport-specific data, deepening fan engagement and connection with relevant and comprehensible information

    9. Energy-Efficient Design

    Energy-efficient IFPDs contribute to sustainable sports infrastructure, aligning with environmental consciousness in modern stadiums.

    10. Wide Viewing Angles

    Wide viewing angles ensure every fan receives a crystal-clear visual experience, regardless of their seat location in the stadium.

    Beyond the Game – Transformative Benefits of Braevo Interactive Panels in the Sports Arena

    1. Enhanced Fan Engagement

    Interactive activities like quizzes and games keep fans entertained during breaks, fostering a deeper connection with the sport.

    2. Real-Time Strategy Analysis

    Interactive boards enable coaches and players to analyze plays and devise tactics on-the-spot, ensuring teams stay ahead of the game.

    3. Sponsorship Opportunities

    Dynamic ad display on IFPDs creates lucrative revenue streams for stadium management, enhancing the overall financial sustainability.

    4. Accessibility Features

    Subtitles and audio descriptions ensure inclusivity, allowing all fans to enjoy the game without hindrance.

    5. Interactive Seating Maps

    Detailed seating maps offer fans a seamless experience, helping them locate amenities and navigate the stadium with ease.

    6. Instant Replays

    Instant replays allow fans to relive key moments from various angles, enhancing their appreciation of game-changing plays.

    7. Social Media Integration

    Live social media feeds bridge the digital chatter with on-field action, fostering a holistic community experience in stadiums.

    8. Training and Development

    IFPDs serve as valuable tools for athlete training and development, facilitating skill improvement and performance analysis.

    9. Emergency Alerts

    IFPDs provide swift communication of emergency information, ensuring fan safety during unforeseen situations.

    10. Cultural Integration

    IFPDs spotlight local culture and community highlights, enriching the stadium experience with diverse cultural elements.


Braevo, a premier manufacturer of Interactive Panels in India, offers cutting-edge IFPDs designed to revolutionize sports arenas. With a focus on quality and innovation, Braevo IFPDs bridge the gap between fans and the action on the field, ensuring a dynamic and immersive stadium experience. Connect with Braevo today to redefine your stadium's digital experience and elevate the sports arena to new heights of engagement and excitement!